Kids party ideas - Dinosaur masks

My sister’s family and I have been having fun celebrating my nieces birthday, turning the big 4. When she was asked what she wanted to make, she replied dinosaurs, so everything became dinosaurs.. no unicorns to be seen!

Here’s what you would need to make a dinosaur mask

  • paper plate painted green

  • yellow paper

  • a circle cutter (you can get these from most good stationers, and they’re easy to use)

  • two colours of paint, we used blue and yellow mainly

  • scissors

  • paint pots

  • cellotape

  • paint brushes

  • a plastic straw - we used a reusable drinking straw, it can just get washed in the dishwasher after and be used as a straw again!

Step by step

  1. paint the plates green and let them dry for twenty mins/ half an hr

  2. cut out your eye holes. I drew a rulered line along the back to cut my eyes on so that they would be even

  3. cut the mask in half, below your eye holes, you should have a slightly generous top half for your mask

  4. cut up the shapes for the dino ears, and two pieces that make up his nose

  5. put out a couple of pots of paint, with small paint brushes and let the children add spots and pattern to decorate the masks. and then let dry, ( you can use a hair dryer to quicken up the drying)

  6. using pritt stick, stick on the ears, and two nose pieces

  7. using cellotape attach the straw to the back.

You’re finished! What do Dino’s go?…… tweet tweet? ( keep the noice down a bit:) )